The aims of the Friends of Dean Road and Manor Road Cemetery are:

  • To promote the appearance and up keep of the cemetery
  • To promote appropriate use of the cemetery
  • To organise and promote suitable events and activities for the benefit of the cemetery
  • To act as a consult organisation in the future management of the cemetery
  • To promote and ensure the dignity and due reverence of the cemetery is maintained at all times
  • To develop the historical, environmental and education potential of the cemetery
  • To raise funds to support the above activities

There is a small committee, and a wider group of volunteers.We're supported by local councillors and Scarborough Borough Council.


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Want to be involved?

You can keep track of progress via our newsletters, join us in volunteer activities, join the Friends, and/or make a donation, read our blog, listen to podcasts, and enjoy our education pack and cemetery trail.

Alternatively, just explore the sights of the cemetery either on the website, or best of all, visiting it yourself.



Where are we?

The cemetery is in Scarborough town centre, and is a beautiful open space. It has recently been designated as a conservation area.